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Museums across Straits in dispute over album Museums across Straits in dispute over album
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Taipei's "National Palace Museum" is planning to file a lawsuit against the Forbidden City in Beijing for including three paintings into one of its albums without the authorization of the Taipei museum, but an expert said there is no proper ground for legal action as all of the cultural relics in the Taipei museum are originally from the mainland.

The "Education and Culture Committee" of Taipei received a report from Taipei's "National Palace Museum" on Wednesday, which said that the Forbidden City included pictures of "Creek Road Trip Map," "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains" and "Early Spring Painting" into a published album titled Chinese Imperial Palace Paintings, without getting its authorization.

The Forbidden City declined to comment when reached by the Global Times on Thursday.

The Forbidden City scanned the pictures of the paintings from publications of the Taipei museum, Democratic Progressive Party's "legislator" Ho Hsin-chun was quoted by the Taiwan-based Central News Agency as saying.

Ho added that officials from the Taipei museum had contacted the Forbidden City many times with regard to the authorization issue, but got no response.

The Taipei "National Palace Museum" has made preparations and will go to Beijing to file the case, according to the Central News Agency.

"Although the Taipei museum has the legitimate right to sue the Forbidden City under Taiwan's 'legal system,' the action is improper and lacks solid proof since all the cultural relics reserved in the Taipei museum are from the mainland and belong to the Chinese people," Wang Jianmin, a research fellow with the Taiwan Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told the Global Times.

Wang noted that this is a very tricky case because all of the cross-Straits issues are complicated in terms of various factors, including politics, culture, history and law。

Instead of filing a case, the Taipei museum should promote positive cultural interaction and exchanges for mutual benefits, he added.

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